As a child I had always wanted a dog with a long coat that I could brush and make look lovely.

Soon after getting married we walked into a pet shop and walked out with a twelve-week-old mongrel - Cookie Bear.

We then went to a dog show and saw the very rare, at that time, Belgian Tervueren, acquired a bitch, then a dog who started us out on the show scene, we then added the Afghan, then another...

And so the Askja history began back in the late 70's, along with a young family.

As the children grew up they started Junior handling and had a lot of fun seeing the opposition off.

When the last of the old Afghans had died we felt we would like something smaller, needing less exercise yet still coated and robust enough to cope with family life, which we could go and have some fun at the shows with.

We then met the Lhasas and were instantly attracted to this hairy little dog with such an attitude.

We did our homework and after much research into the breed contacted Ann Matthews who kindly entrusted us with Asti (HARDACRE KAMA) a delightful typy gold bitch who although winning numerous Best Puppys and qualifying for Crufts really did not like the show ring.

She was far too much a lady!! Her place? the sofa!

We then returned to Ann and purchased a second Apso this time a black & white bitch Stinks (HARDACRE PARISIENNE).

My love affair with this breed was now started and we won many Best Puppys and Best of Breeds together.

Around this time was when we met Ken Woosnam who was to become a great family friend. He at the time was handling Jean Blyth's Saxonsprings Lhasa Apsos who were always immaculately presented and seemed to mould to his expertise handling.

Shortly after, Ann Matthews offered us another black & white bitch - Sinner (HARDACRE KORKA) who was a repeat mating of stinks. Here I met my shadow.

Again we had so much fun with the shows gaining Best Puppys, Best in Shows and a res CC on the way.

Ken then, out of the blue, one day phoned and told me Jean Blyth (SAXONSPRINGS) had a gold dog puppy he insisted I buy.

This we did and he turned out to be Murphy (CH TIRKANE RODGER RABBIT OF SAXONSPRINGS).

He went on to win numerous Best Puppy in Shows and Best in Shows he also gained his champion title at the age of 4.

As a youngster I found him increasingly difficult to show. However Ken was an invaluble support and helped with his handling for which I am eternally grateful, and we all miss him immensely since his untimely death in 2001.

As the years have passed we have concentrated on breeding our own stock with encouragingly good results. Whilst never forgetting the debt of gratitude we owe to both Ann and Jean for allowing us to aquire their carefully selected bloodlines.

Puppies we have bred and sold have gone on to win numerous awards inluding a CC and a res CC for their new owners much to our delight.

All our dogs at Askja are first and foremost family pets, they are not kennel dogs nor do they live or sleep in cages. The children grew up with Lhasas on their beds, and we let them live a natural life. Our dogs, bitches, puppies and veterans, all live, sleep and play together.

We do not part with our veterans as we feel once their show careers are over they have earned their retirement on the sofa they have known all their life, and remain as much loved as the new show puppies.

We breed the occassional litter, the emphasis is on producing a dog which can fit in with family life, tough enough for a good walk, play games with the children and healthy enough to live a long, problem-free life and hopefully have a bit of fun in the show ring with.

At the same time we alway try to keep our puppies within the Hardacre/Saxonsprings lines which we feel offers soundness, type and movement, with extremely good temperaments, and the lovely head type we admire so much. We try to breed puppies that adhere to the breed standard as we interpret it, temperament is A1 priority and all dogs at Askja hold current BVA KC PRA certificates.

We occasionally have the odd puppy for sale however our policy is that under no circumstances do we sell to breeders, kennels or purely as show dogs who out live their usefulness as soon as they get to a certain age or just stop winning!!

We expect them to go to a home where they will be loved and cared for their entire lives - win or lose regardless!

Puppies are sold with their registration endorsed due to one lady in London who assured us she wanted a pet bitch who is currently just off its second litter at 2 YEARS OLD to a totally unsuitable dog, neither of which are PRA tested! WE WILL NOT BE CAUGHT OUT AGAIN! We do not want to add to the indescriminate breeding that some people choose.

We offer a lifetime back-up with all our puppies and are always insistant that if circumstances cause them to be rehomed they are returned to us.

We are always willing to help anyone we can with problems relating to this breed whether we bred their dog or not, after all it should be about the welfare of this wonderful breed which we have the privilege of sharing our lives with.

We hope you enjoy our K9 family as much as we at Askja do. Please feel free to sign our guestbook

xx regards Lyn, and all at Askja xx













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