Welcome to the Askja website

May i start by thanking you for taking the time to come and have a look at our dogs, and by telling you that this website is not designed to enable us to sell puppies, as we breed very rarely and have a waiting list for our puppies, however you are welcome to contact me to ask to be considered for our waiting list.

This website was built by my dear friend Ruth Revillas, who has spent many many hours to make this something rather special, i will never be able to repay Ruth for her kindness and hard work, but want her to know just how much i appreciate it.

I would also like to thank everyone who has taken photos for me over the years and a very special thanks to Julia warner for her lovely photo of Sinner which she sent to me shortly after i lost her, it helped at a very difficult time.

This site is built as my own online photo album, my dogs are my pets, all live in the house, and although we occasionally show them this is not the 'Be all and end all' it is far more important to me that my dogs are happy, healthy and have good temperaments, anything else is a bonus.

My dogs are all eye tested for PRA, as we feel this is very important, they all have sound temperaments, mix with large and small dogs, adults and children.

I do not sell my dogs as breeding stock, and should the occasional puppy be available it will be sold as a pet with its registration endorsed appropriately, and a contract to be signed agreeing to this condition, i make no apologies for this, there are too many Apsos being bred indiscriminately, with no thought but purely for financial gain, mine will not add to this problem. and likewise we will stand by any puppy we have bred and will always take it back whatever the circumstances.

As you look through the pages if you would like to click on any of the dogs pictures this should open out into a fabulous slide show. underneath there is often a piece telling you about this dog.

I do hope you enjoy sharing this site with us and would be delighted if you would take the time to come and sign our guestbook before you leave

Best wishes






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