My love affair with this breed really began the day Sinner walked into my life.

From day one, Sinner believed the world revolved around her, she walked into my house at 8 weeks with the clear intention of taking over and thats just what she did! from day one it was clear that she was mine and i was hers and god help anyone who tried to come between us!

When she was old enough we decided to show her, however nobody except me was allowed to show her, and if she thought for one moment that anyone else was taking her she would quite simply slip her lead, a million times if necessary just until she had proved her point!

Her attitude in the ring reflected her personality, 'dont touch me i can do it myself' never would be stacked but instead chose to free stand, if you tried to place her legs she would simply put them back to where she felt they should be, she was a showgirl, she had the whole package, type, construction and that all important attitude, although we never set the world on fire we had some nice wins including a RCC and a few best in shows along the way, but i never needed 3 pieces of green card to tell me she was a champion, i had Sinner!

Sinner taught me an awful lot, i learned that real love doesnt often come along and when you find it you hold onto it with both hands, together we shared 17 years of laughter and tears, we shared our triumphs, but we never shared our losses as while we had each other nothing else mattered.

I dedicate this page to my wonderful little friend who left me in may 2008, and left me desolate. I hope that someday she will be waiting for me and together we will cross that rainbow bridge

Sleep well little friend.........






© Askja Lhasa Apsos